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As one of the standout stars of Bravo’s hit show “Vanderpump Rules”, Ariana Madix brought attention to substance abuse issues and mental health struggles often facing service industry workers striving in high-pressure Hollywood environments. But Madix also proves multitalented showcasing impressive creative pursuits and entrepreneur skills offscreen.

Wild Child Seeking Purpose

Raised shuffling between families in Florida, Madix moved constantly, struggling to find her place as a self-described odd artistic kid amidst dysfunction at home and bullying. After high school, she ambitiously left for college in New York to study theatre before dropping out, eager to work as an actress but lacking connections. Madix eventually migrated, like many aspiring performers, to Los Angeles.

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Where to Get Ariana Madix's Dress
Where to Get Ariana Madix’s Dress

Spotlight On “Vanderpump Rules”

Initially, Madix supported herself waiting tables at SUR while chasing acting opportunities in L.A. But in 2013, her life changed dramatically when Bravo cast her to star on reality series “Vanderpump Rules” set around the glitzy restaurant run by “Real Housewives” alum Lisa Vanderpump. As cameras captured the wild antics of twenty-something servers, Madix brought a refreshing substance and candor onscreen standing out from typical catty reality star archetypes.

Tackling Substance Abuse

Part of Madix’s compelling perspective stemmed from openly discussing her personal struggles grappling with excessive drinking and toxic relationships as a young woman in Hollywood. Alongside toxic romances, she shed light on alcoholism plaguing the high-pressure service industry. As the show progressed, Madix also courageously shared anxiety and depression battles seeking therapy rather than partying to cope. Her vulnerability connected powerfully.

Exploring Creative Passions Off-Air

As opportunities arose, Madix also increasingly involved herself in ventures beyond just reality TV drama – suggesting a multidimensional person laser-focused on growth and purpose. She published a cocktail book titled “Fancy AF Cocktails” reflecting her mixology flair. Madix later launched well-received podcast “Give Them Lala” with co-star Lala Kent spotlighting female entrepreneurs chasing unconventional dreams. Products from her beauty brand “Velvet’s Edge” also line shelves.

Who Is Ariana Madix Dating Now 2023 Husband
Who Is Ariana Madix Dating Now 2023 Husband

Owning Her Power as Changemaker Rather than stick to predetermined reality star lanes longterm, Madix clearly seeks outlets allowing her to uplift others instead. She volunteers actively empowering at-risk youth and women facing homelessness in Los Angeles through Alexandria House organization. Madix also partners charitably with Best Buddies helping those with disabilities. After years feeling voiceless herself, she lends her platform to support marginalized communities.

What The Future Holds

As “Vanderpump Rules” enters its 10th season in 2023, many original cast members leave the show seeking new directions rather stagnating in past problems aired publicly. Having exhibited personal evolution and business savvy for years already, Ariana Madix seems poised for success on her own terms thriving beyond just scandalous headlines that first put her in tabloid crosshairs. The possibilities feel wide open thanks to her relentless drive.


Since audiences first met Ariana Madix on “Vanderpump Rules,” she has transparently tackled inner obstacles head-on rather than pretending toxic patterns don’t exist. But she also refuses limitation, pursuing her passions boldly through avenues like writing, charity work, and entrepreneurship. With resilience earned through ongoing self-work, Madix now celebrates previously unseen sides of her creativity. Wherever her trajectory leads next, embracing all facets of identity with courage and compassion allows this surprisingly private public figure to flourish boundlessly.

Ariana Madix
Ariana Madix

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What reality show introduced Ariana Madix?

Madix shot to fame in 2013 as one of the central cast members on Bravo’s hit reality series “Vanderpump Rules” set around Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR.

What business ventures has Ariana Madix launched?

Madix runs her own cocktail book company, beauty brand called Velvet’s Edge and hosts a podcast called “Give Them Lala” focused on female entrepreneurs.

Is Ariana Madix still involved with “Vanderpump Rules”?

Yes, Madix continues starring on “Pump Rules” which debuts Season 10 in 2023 as one of few remaining original cast members.

Who is Ariana Madix dating now?

Madix has been in a longterm relationship with “Vanderpump Rules” co-star Tom Sandoval since 2016.

Has Ariana Madix appeared on other reality shows?

She’s made cameo guest appearances on some of Bravo’s other hit reality shows such as “Summer House.”

What charity work does Ariana Madix do?

Madix actively fundraises and volunteers giving back to organizations like Alexandria House and Best Buddies that support at-risk youth, women facing homelessness and people with disabilities.

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