Laura Lynch, Founding Member of the Dixie Chicks, Dead at 65

Whether in front of the camera presenting AMC’s horror film showcase, producing social impact content or empowering marginalized youth tell their own stories – Laura Lynch fearlessly dedicates her talents as a creative change agent uplifting entertainment media. Her dedication to representation and inclusive storytelling signals more humane media shifting culture positively.

From Child Star to Producer

Initially rising to fame starring on beloved 1990s kids show “The Big Comfy Couch”, Lynch evolved artistic interests studying theater and digital media production at university before returning to television hosting film segments. Producing followed intuitively allowing Lynch to spotlight diverse creators and subjects often overlooked. Her Gen Z oriented series “Moon Bunny” and accessible feminist explainer “Taboo Topics” widened representation in digital media through thoughtful authenticity over lecturing.

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Laura Lynch singer
Laura Lynch singer

Horror Hosting Spotlights Inclusion

As streaming services dove deeper into genre fare, AMC Networks tapped Lynch in 2021 to spearhead original horror programming and franchises as a host/producer. Lynch consciously curates creepy content balancing inclusion, intimacy and intrigue rather than shock value in the “Shudder’s Creepshow” Halloween special she executive produced or hosting duties presenting Shudder’s annual queer horror showcase “The Boulet Brothers Dragula”. Comfort crossing between glam execution and macabre worlds mirrors her multifaceted creative passions.

Uplifting Untold Stories

However, Lynch’s most vital impact links to identity media mentorship company she cofounded called Screentime Workshop. By coaching real teens from diverse backgrounds in safe space environments, Screentime empowers young creatives to develop/produce their own films reflecting underrepresented stories. These rising voices then gain access to industry channels to hopefully shift entertainment landscapes. Ultimately for Lynch, tangible systemic change comes through platforming untold stories while cultivating storytellers equally.

Def Leppard At Citi Field Joe Shlabotnik
Def Leppard At Citi Field Joe Shlabotnik
The Future Looks Bright

Having just turned 30 years old, Lynch’s ascent as an impactful entertainer committed to inclusion feels clearly only beginning. Following Screentime Workshop’s inaugural summer intensive program, exciting 2023 plans include a partnership with Crave TV in Canada to broadcast winning teen shorts as she continues expanding the burgeoning nonprofit. Wherever Laura leads creatively next, one senses advocacy for a spectrum of intersectional identities and spotlighting emerging artists runs central to her life’s work.


Since first gracing television screens herself decades ago, Laura Lynch proactively shifts media representation behind the scenes so our screens reflect fuller human diversity. By coaching marginalized youth to develop their own projects through Screentime Workshop then opening industry doors to support production, Lynch makes entertainment more accessible, equitable and empathetic. She embodies the change we wish to see in media not through righteousness but nurturing rising voices. Where this bright creative change agent spotlights her light next, shadows limiting talent by identity shrink.

The Chicks founding member Laura Lynch dies at 65
The Chicks founding member Laura Lynch dies at 65

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Where is Laura Lynch from originally?

Laura Lynch grew up in Toronto, Ontario Canada becoming a child star on hit kids series “The Big Comfy Couch” in the 1990s.

What was Laura Lynch’s first hosting job?

Lynch returned to TV hosting horror/thriller film segments on Toronto’s Channel Zero and Space TV before taking her first US hosting duties with AMC.

How did Laura get involved with Screentime Workshop?

Lynch cofounded the nonprofit Screentime identity media mentorship organization alongside Marcos Carrao in 2021 to uplift marginalized youth storytellers in film.

What shows has Laura Lynch produced?

Some Laura Lynch production credits include digital media series “Moon Bunny”, “Taboo Topics”, and 2022’s “The Boulet Brothers’ Halloween Special” for AMC and Shudder.

Is Laura Lynch on social media?

Yes, you can follow her @lauralynch on Instagram or Twitter to keep up with her latest projects focused on inclusive entertainment.

What is Laura’s Screentime Workshop nonprofit mission?

Screentime Workshop aims to diversify storytelling by coaching and showcasing film shorts created by underrepresented teens then connecting these young creators to production greenlights and industry access.

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