Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Speculation Over ‘Next James Bond’ 25 Possible Contenders


The search is on for the next actor to step into the iconic role of James Bond. Daniel Craig’s tenure as 007 came to an epic conclusion with 2021’s No Time to Die, setting the stage for a new leading man to don the tuxedo for future installments in the legendary spy franchise. As fans eagerly await an announcement on the latest Bond, speculation swirls around Hollywood’s top talents rumored to be in the running.

In this comprehensive analysis, we explore the reported shortlist of candidates, their potential to capture the spirit of 007, and who betting markets view as the odds-on favorites. From prototypical leading men like Henry Cavill and Regé-Jean Page to dark horse picks like Aaron Taylor-Johnson, read on for the definitive look at the future of James Bond.

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Next James Bond Who Are the Best Actors
Next James Bond Who Are the Best Actors

When Will the Next James Bond Be Announced?

As development begins on the inevitable Bond 26, the biggest lingering question centers on the timing around choosing Craig’s successor. Producer Barbara Broccoli and the team at Eon Productions, the company that controls all things 007, have been tight-lipped regarding their search and selection process. However, historical precedent provides some clues.

After previous Bond departures, producers typically take 2-3 years to map out creative directions and audition potentials before locking in a new leading man. For example, Daniel Craig wasn’t officially confirmed as the next Bond until over two years after Pierce Brosnan’s exit in 2004. Similarly, the announcement of Brosnan taking the mantle from Timothy Dalton arrived nearly three years after the latter’s underwhelming showing in the late 1980s Daily Celebs News.

If we operate under similar timeframes, the world likely won’t officially learn the next James Bond actor until late 2023 or early 2024 at the earliest. Films on this massive scale require immense scripting, casting, budgeting, and pre-production long before cameras roll. For now, all we can do is read the tea leaves based on insider reports from the typically secretive Bond camp.

Next James Bond Movie

While plot specifics remain scarce, producers have dropped a few tantalizing hints about what direction the James Bond franchise could go now that Daniel Craig’s gritty, brutal interpretation has concluded. Whether they stay faithful to Craig’s darker tone or revert to the classic portrayal of a charming, wry secret agent remains to be seen.

In recent interviews, Barbara Broccoli has emphasized the series’ ability to evolve with cultural changes. This opens the door for possibilities like the first non-white Bond, an older actor taking the role, or even a completely modernized overhaul featuring 007 as more of an antihero rather than the traditional patriotic leading man. Other ostensibly minor aspects, like Bond’s sexual prowess and how he interacts with the “Bond girls,” could also see updates to meet modern sensibilities.

Regardless of the narrative and themes chosen, one thing seems certain—the next Bond film will be a monumental box office draw as cinema’s most iconic leading man resets for a new era. With a rumored budget of over $300 million invested by Amazon (which now owns the franchise rights), the pressure will be immense for the next actor to prove themselves worthy of the mantle.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

One dark horse candidate who has exploded into online betting frenzies is Aaron Taylor-Johnson. While the 32-year-old Brit is still an underdog, oddsmakers have noticed his rising profile and feverish online support. Boasting an intriguing combination of talent, charisma, and leading-man physique, Taylor-Johnson could offer a fresh dynamic as a younger 007 iteration.

The Actor Who Will Reportedly
The Actor Who Will Reportedly

Taylor-Johnson first rose to fame through gritty indie films like 2008’s Nowhere Boy and 2009’s Kick-Ass. He then successfully transitioned into the blockbuster world as part of Marvel’s megahit Avengers franchise. Recent acclaimed roles in projects like Bullet Train, The King’s Man, and the mind-bending limited series Picard have allowed the former male model to showcase his versatility as both a dramatic actor and captivating action lead.

If chosen for Bond, Taylor-Johnson could give the franchise a youthful new face and tone while realistically portraying 007 as a ruthlessly effective covert operative at the absolute peak of his physicality and training. His background in grounded, gritty storytelling could enable a continuation of Daniel Craig’s reinvention while still allowing room to inject charm and suave sophistication more akin to classic Bonds like Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson James Bond

Even though he’s considered a long shot for now, there is an undeniable buzz around Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a candidate to play James Bond. Online betting markets experienced a meteoric surge after the name emerged in contention. His odds shifted dramatically from +4000 to around +550 in the span of a few weeks, suggesting an underground swell of grassroots support.

Additionally, Taylor-Johnson himself fanned the flames of speculation in a recent interview with Variety. When asked about his odds, the actor played it coy, saying, “I’ve had massive opportunities…And I want this next chapter of my life to be planned.” He then added with a smile, “I’ll say THIS…if it’s true and it does happen, if they’ll have me, I would be honored and would give everything I possibly can.”

While still considered a long shot, public perception seems to be warming on the idea of Taylor-Johnson succeeding Daniel Craig. His versatility across acclaimed dramas and massive action franchises shows he could bring both physicality and gravitas to the role. And he seems interested, if coy, about how likely the casting would be.

Next James Bond Actor Odds

The ever-shifting British sportsbooks have weighed in on who the oddsmakers and betting masses believe will become the next James Bond leading man. While some veteran talents like Tom Hardy and Richard Madden remain in the mix, the latest odds showcase an influx of new contenders backed by surging momentum swings. Here’s how the next James Bond actor odds currently break down:

  • Regé-Jean Page: +200
  • Henry Cavill: +350
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson: +550
  • Tom Hardy: +650
  • Paul Mescal: +700
  • James Norton: +1000
  • Jamie Dornan: +1200
  • Jacob Elordi: +1400
  • Richard Madden: +1600
  • John Boyega: +2000
  • Paapa Essiedu: +2500
Actors To Follow Daniel
Actors To Follow Daniel

While these odds can swing wildly based on online betting behavior, a few themes emerge from bookmakers’ perspectives. Regé-Jean Page is the consensus favorite, likely due to his magnetic on-screen presence from Netflix’s steamy Bridgerton series. Superman star Henry Cavill remains a heavy favorite, though his age (40) could preclude landing such a long-term commitment.

After the big risers like Taylor-Johnson and Paul Mescal, a large crop of seasoned veterans and complete wildcards, from Jacob Elordi to Industry’s Harry Lawtey, seem more like long-shot possibilities than genuine threats to land the role. All this speculation means little, but it provides fun tea leaf readings as fans await Eon Productions’ final decision.

Shortlist for Next James Bond

Authoritative entertainment sources and insider scoops seem to converge around a handful of leading candidates making up a reported “shortlist” of next James Bond potentials developed by Barbara Broccoli and the team at Eon. At the forefront are thought to be:

  • Regé-Jean Page
  • Henry Cavill
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  • Sam Heughan
  • Paul Mescal

These names largely align with betting market favorites. However, Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page and Outlander star Sam Heughan are more centered in shortlist rumor mills than oddsmakers’ rankings would suggest. Meanwhile, previous favorites like Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, and even Oscar-winner Damien Lewis have faded from the conversation.

While lists of this nature are based purely on hearsay, they do make some logical sense. Regé-Jean Page would likely be first in line after his universally acclaimed turn as the suave, romantic Simon Basset on Bridgerton propelled him to global stardom. Henry Cavill boasts the ideal look and physicality of Bond, even if his age could prove an obstacle. Rising stars Taylor-Johnson, Heughan, and Mescal all fit the prototype of smoking, leading men to reinvent Bond with a younger energy.

Of course, reading too much into these rumor mill shortlists is an exercise in futility. The Bond selection process remains shrouded in mystery, with Broccoli & Co. maintaining its signature stoicism. We will know the true contenders involved only once producers have finalized their choices.

Henry Cavill James Bond

The biggest obstacle for Cavill is likely that his age (40) could disqualify him from a long-term run as Bond. Other than that, his on-screen charisma, physicality, British pedigree, and genre familiarity all sync up perfectly for the part. He seems to realize this window of opportunity may be closing soon, and few actors thirst for the role more than Cavill.

Who Is Most Likely to Be the Next James Bond?
Who Is the Next James Bond After
Who Is the Next James Bond After

While any proclamations about frontrunners for the next James Bond remain speculative at best, the current betting favorites do seem to point toward a few frontrunners for the iconic role:

  • Regé-Jean Page: The dashing English actor is leading most odds boards after becoming a global celebrity thanks to the smash hit Netflix romance Bridgerton. His charismatic yet lithely intense performance proved his command of the charm and physicality that defines 007.
  • Henry Cavill: While the Superman star may be aging out of contention at 40, his relentless campaigning and lifelong James Bond fandom, coupled with his strapping good looks, make him a persistent betting favorite. If producers want to go for a James Bond portrayal that is more in line with Sean Connery’s iteration, Cavill represents the ideal prototype.
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson: The young English actor has quickly emerged as one of the hottest names surrounding the 007 search. His recent acclaimed work on projects like Bullet Train and Picard showcased the brooding intensity, wit, and physical action chops to put a new spin on the role. His upward momentum in betting markets suggests he has seized the imagination of many fans.

Of course, the team at Eon Productions led by Barbara Broccoli has likely already zoned in on their next James Bond, whoever that might be. As that closely guarded process plays out, fans can follow the odds shifts, rumors, and speculation for Bond entertainment until the official announcement arrives in late 2023 or early 2024.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

In late 2022, Aaron Taylor-Johnson emerged as a frontrunner for the role. Reports claim he impressed producers in a secret screen test and is a serious contender. Taylor-Johnson, known for his action roles in “Kick-Ass” and “Bullet Train,” would certainly bring a youthful dynamism to the character.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson James Bond

While Taylor-Johnson’s potential casting is exciting, it’s important to remember it’s not confirmed. Fans have mixed reactions. Some see him as a good fit for a more action-oriented Bond. In contrast, others prefer a more traditional, sophisticated portrayal.

Next James Bond Actor Odds

Bookmakers offer a glimpse into who might be the next Bond. As of March 2024, Aaron Taylor-Johnson leads the pack, followed by Henry Cavill, Idris Elba (who has previously expressed disinterest), James Norton, and Rege-Jean Page. These odds are fluid and can change based on news and rumors.

Shortlist for Next James Bond

Several other actors are constantly mentioned in the conversation. Names like Richard Madden (“Game of Thrones”), Tom Hardy (“Venom”), Henry Golding (“Crazy Rich Asians”), and Jack Lowden (“Dunkirk”) have garnered fan support. Ultimately, the decision rests with producers, who prioritize finding the right actor to embody Bond’s charm, wit, and lethality.

Henry Cavill James Bond

Henry Cavill has long been a fan favorite for the role. His physique and experience in action films like “Man of Steel” make him a strong contender. However, his current commitments to other franchises might be a hurdle.

Who is Most Likely to Be the Next James Bond?

At this point, it’s difficult to say definitively who will be the next James Bond. Based on rumors, Aaron Taylor-Johnson appears to be a frontrunner. Still, the producers are known for keeping their cards close. Ultimately, the best candidate will be someone who can capture Bond’s essence while offering a fresh take for a new generation.

Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor
Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor


The stakes have never been higher for the next James Bond actor following Daniel Craig’s powerhouse final portrayal as the legendary British spy icon. While the producers at Eon Productions have kept their selection process under lock and key as expected, a handful of contenders have emerged as frontrunners to take up the mantle of cinema’s most iconic role. The search for the next James Bond is a captivating game of speculation and anticipation. With the franchise’s future on the line, producers are taking their time to make the right choice.

From acclaimed actors with leading-man charisma like Regé-Jean Page and Henry Cavill to up-and-comers like Aaron Taylor-Johnson making major waves in oddsmakers’ rankings and online buzz, any number of possibilities could be the next face to order a martini—shaken, not stirred.

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Q: When will the next James Bond be announced?

A: Given typical timeframes between Bond actors, the next 007, based on Daniel Craig’s 2021 departure, likely won’t be revealed until late 2023 or early 2024. However, the process remains a highly guarded secret.

Q: What are some potential storylines for the next James Bond movie?

A: While plot details are scarce, producers hint the next film could follow Daniel Craig’s darker tone, feature the first non-white Bond, or present an entirely modernized interpretation such as an antihero take on 007.

Q: Who are the frontrunners to be the next James Bond?

A: Leading oddsmakers and media insiders point to Regé-Jean Page, Henry Cavill, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sam Heughan, and Paul Mescal as top contenders based on betting favorites and reported shortlists.

Q: Why is Aaron Taylor-Johnson gaining momentum as a potential James Bond?

A: Taylor-Johnson’s buzz surged due to acclaimed edgy performances in recent projects like Bullet Train and a coy interview response expressing interest. He represents a younger 007 option with physicality and grit.

Q: What are Henry Cavill’s chances of becoming the next James Bond?

A: As a long-rumored potential and avowed Bond superfan, Cavill’s experience, look, British pedigree, and on-screen intensity make him perpetually linked to the role. However, his age (40) may disqualify him.

Q: How much can we trust the odds and rumors around the next James Bond casting?

A: Very little, as the top-secret selection process will remain a mystery until producers like Barbara Broccoli make their official announcement. Any speculation or buzz should be taken lightly until an authoritative reveal.

Q: Will the next James Bond be a woman?

A: Producer Barbara Broccoli has stated James Bond will remain a man, but the possibility of a female character taking on the 007 codename remains open.

Q: How old will the next James Bond be?

A: There’s no set age requirement. Past Bonds have ranged from their early 30s to their 50s.

Q: What qualities are producers looking for in the next James Bond?

A: Charm, wit, acting ability, and a physical presence are all important factors.

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